Monday, December 14, 2009


I've often wondered about the paths some of my professors took to get to where they are today. It seems that they have conveniently forgotten what it was like to be a student, and focused on getting the numbers out in full force. What I cannot understand is WHY. The upper echelon of academia seems to give a shit less about students and what they must deal with. Most students, admittedly, are young and have college paid for by their parents. Most do not have to work, and even fewer have children. But what about those of us who do? We have children, some are single parents even, which make sit more difficult and challenging in itself. Some of us work, and are in addition putting ourselves in a lifetime of debt to obtain this education society says we must have now. I have been accused of not trying in one class. NOT TRYING! This term I had 4 incomplete classes to make up before the end of term so I could receive my financial aid next term. On top of 3 grad classes. Needless to say, I have been a busy gal. I have been used by department heads and others, claiming it was all for class credit, but was never taken into account all the work done outside of class. And for someone to sit up on their throne and look down at me and say I was not trying, or even attempting?! Define irony. I attend what was once lauded as a Teacher's College. Now, as a grad student, I cannot even get any experience as a student teacher or TA. This smacks of ironic bullshit in its most prevalent form. There are people teaching classes who have no business teaching. But thanks largely in part the extreme nepotism in said department, nobody else will ever be given a chance. Hypocrisy and facades run rampant, and it never is clear what someone's agenda is until the last moment, where they get the accolades and praise, and you get dumped on and used up. My time here is almost at an end. Whereas I once lauded this school for its wonderful programs and people willing to assist in any way possible, now I loathe the very thought of how this place is run. I have seen the quality of student go down the toilet, I have been on the receiving end of the nepotism, I have been used up and hung out to dry. I am tired now. Tired of school, tired of the two faced political bullshit I must endure,k tired of being suckered into things I shouldn't. That being said, I cannot wait fir August to arrive. Once I walk across that stage and get my Masters, I will walk away from here and never come back.

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