Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alright, I happened to read somewhere that men prefer 'real' women. As in all natural, no plastic surgery or enhancements to their bodies. That being said, it is quite obvious not all of us can look, or care to look like Jenna Jameson. That is what porn is for. I can honestly say, without ANY inhibitions that I am a REAL woman. Ok, I'm 40, but I still look pretty damned respectable, if judging from what some of my friends and former classmates look like at the same age. Let's breakit down from the top....

Hair- ok, a little gray is showing, but a few highlights took care of that in short time.
Face- I'm pretty proud of every laugh line and wrinkle on my face. It shows the kind of life I've lived and what kind of person I am.Getting a little jowly around the chin, but age is merciless...
Teeth- not great, I needed braces when I was younger, but the thought of having 8 teeth forcibly yanked from my mouth scared the living shit out of me.Also, an accident left my two front teeth (which are false) my smile is not as radiant or brilliantly white as the gendarmes of society deem it should be...but at least my smile is real and heartfelt.
Boobs- I can be damned proud of my all natural 40 D cups. Who needs enhancement with dimensions such as mine? After three kids, yeah, they sag a little, but a good push up bra works magic.Still sensitive and responsive as ever.
Tummy- 3 kids does a number on any woman, and mine range in age from 17 to 4. I've never been one to harp on excercise and try to regain the waifishness of my youth.I can wear any size jeans from an 11 to a what? I'm pretty comfortable with my body at this stage in my life.
Ass- I have a ghetto booty...never denied that. I kinda like shakin my rumpmaker when I dance. A little toning and it would be phenomenal.
Legs- I used to be a dancer and gymnast. I still have great muscle tone in my legs. I can still do the splits and cartwheels and backbends...not bad for 40.

All said and done, I suppose my purpose in this rant is that superficiality is based mor eon general public opinion and society standards than what people are truly happy with. Am I perfect? Far from it. I'd like to drop some weight and tone up a bit, but I'll do it because I want to feel better about myself, not because of what is deemed necessary in order to be happy. I know I can still please a man, and gain pleasure in return. So does that make me happy? You betcha....

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